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Clean Energy Electrical Group- The Twisted Root

Thank you to Hilary and Brad from

The Twisted Root RV Park for entrusting Clean Energy Electrical Group once again with their campground expansion. This year, the RV park grew from 110+ full service seasonal RV sites to 170+! With the added sites came the need for more power!

This expansion project had been planned since the summer of 2023 as we were at full electrical capacity on the 2 existing single-phase services onsite and needed to bring in 3 phase power. The complete electrical design was done in-house, working alongside the client to ensure we planned the new service to accommodate all the existing loads and any future potential expansions. Manitoba Hydro crews installed new poles this spring and brought 3 phase power lines from the town of Marchand all the way to the campground (almost 3km). They buckled down and were able to get everything in ahead of schedule and were a great crew to work with. 🛠️

We opted for a new 347/600V, 800A service for the whole campground including any future expansions. Going with 600V required the use of step-down transformers to obtain 120V for the RV receptacles, in total we installed over 800KVA worth of transformers, 6000ft of conduit, and almost 10km of wire and cable to make this happen. We had to be mindful of the existing single-phase electrical equipment, so had to be strategic in sizing, placing, and refeeding the electrical panels.

At times, this expansion was a real test having some manufacturing delays on equipment, stuck service vans, and fighting the elements (rain, cold, snow, rain, mud, and did we mention rain? 🌧️) In the end, it all came together, and we were able to have the power on and tested before opening day.

A special thank you goes out to our dedicated crew that worked in parkas to t-shirts in only a few weeks, put in the long hours, and gave up their weekends to make it all happen. We are honored and proud to have you as part of our team! 💪

We hope all the new and returning campers enjoy the beautiful space Hilary and Brad have created and wish you all a wonderful camping season with family and friends, hopefully, mother nature has most of the rain out of her system! 🏕️🌤️

It was a pleasure completing this electrical expansion and we look forward to the next phase at The Twisted Root RV Park!

Clean Energy Electrical Group- The Twisted Root

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