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At Clean Energy Electrical Group Ltd., we pride ourselves on being a top-tier electrical contractor in Winnipeg, setting the bar high in the electrical industry. Our reputation as a leading electrician service in Manitoba is built on a foundation of diverse electrical expertise. Our services range from residential to commercial and industrial electrical solutions, encompassing electrical installations, panel upgrades, lighting setups, and comprehensive electrical troubleshooting in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Our team of certified electricians excel not only in electrical repairs and installations but also in meticulous electrical rewiring. We ensure that every outlet installation and safety inspection aligns with the Manitoba electrical code. For those searching for "Winnipeg electricians near me" or seeking specialized services like innovative lighting solutions or eco-friendly energy options, our highly-rated team stands out as one of the best in Winnipeg.

Our dedication to excellence, the use of advanced technology, and a commitment to unparalleled customer service continue to differentiate us. We adhere to stringent standards to offer prompt and efficient electrical services in Winnipeg. Our legacy is built on reliable services, quick turnaround times, and exceptional professionalism.

Ready to embark on your next electrical venture? Reach out to us for a complimentary quote on electrical services in Winnipeg. Our experienced team is ready to provide electrical consultations or emergency assistance in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. For any inquiries or to begin your project, contact us at 204-306-2121 today.

Residential Electrical Service

New Homes, Emergency Generators, Surveillance Cameras and DVR’s...

Commercial Electrical Service

New Offices & Building Renos, Fire Alarm Systems, Controls

Industrial Electrical Service

New Offices & Building Renos Fire Alarm Systems, Power Factor Corrections, Preventative Maintenance

Solar Electrical Service

Grid-Tie Solar Systems
Street Lighting
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

At Clean Energy Safety Comes First

In those times of unforeseen failures that pose significant risks, Clean Energy Electrical Group is your reliable ally, offering rapid and effective solutions. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of services designed to quickly identify, rectify, and reinstate your systems to optimal performance. We are dedicated to facilitating a secure and efficient re-establishment of your standard operations.

Understanding the critical nature of emergencies, Clean Energy Electrical Group provides specialized onsite electrical services within our specified service areas. Our team, comprising experienced technicians, is readily available 24/7, throughout the week, to respond to your urgent requirements.

Our emergency response services include:

  • Proficient Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive Damage Assessment
  • Rigorous Inspection and Testing
  • Prompt Equipment Repair and Reconditioning
  • Supply of Replacement Equipment
  • Support with Spare Parts
  • Skilled Installation Services
  • Commissioning and Start-up Support

Rely on Clean Energy Electrical Group as your dependable partner in overcoming unexpected challenges, with a constant focus on safety and dependability.

Emergency Response Services

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We offer a large range of electrical services, including hydro grid-tied solar systems, street lighting, EV charging stations, Winnipeg electrical maintenance, and electrical outlet installations.

For solar inquiries, please enter the location of your property, and if possible, your yearly consumption of use from Manitoba Hydro in KWH (Kilo-Watt-Hours). If you're seeking electrical consultation in Winnipeg or have questions about Winnipeg electrical permits or Manitoba electrical code, feel free to ask about these as well.

Please provide any additional information, such as interest in Winnipeg green energy solutions or electrical rewiring in Winnipeg, in the space provided. Our team, known for being among the best electricians in Winnipeg, will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

At Clean Energy Electrical Group Ltd., we take your privacy seriously. Rest assured that as a trusted Winnipeg electrical contractor, your information will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and eagerly await helping you make the transition to clean, renewable energy!


At Clean Energy Electrical Group Ltd.

We strive to be a prominent leader among Winnipeg electricians. Our commitment to operational excellence, cutting-edge electrical wiring technology, and exceptional customer satisfaction sets us apart as a top-tier Winnipeg electrical contractor. As specialists in both residential and commercial electrician services in Winnipeg, we also extend our expertise to industrial electrician projects and emergency situations, making us the preferred Winnipeg emergency electrician for many. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that our reputation for quality products, electrical panel upgrades, quick response times, and superior workmanship remains unshakeable.

Whether you're inquiring about Winnipeg lighting installation, electrical inspection in Winnipeg, or seeking electrical troubleshooting, let's get started on powering your next energy project! Contact us today, and we'll provide a free Winnipeg electrical quote tailored to your needs. If you're searching for "electrician near me Winnipeg" or require a detailed electrical safety inspection or even electrical rewiring in Winnipeg, our expert team is ready to answer any questions. Give us a call today at 204-306-2121.