Safety Services

Our goal is to reduce hazards, thus eliminating injury as well as equipment and property damage by changing the way we approach safety both on and off the job.

By performing our work in a well thought-out, well-organized manner, and by being constantly aware of any hazards and dealing with them immediately, we hope to achieve a pro-active approach to safety, rather than a re-active one.

Please contact us for more information on job specific training.

Safety Services Clean Energy - Safety

In the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and its surrounding locales, Clean Energy stands as more than just a provider of sustainable solutions; we are dedicated and committed to a safer, brighter future for all. Ensuring safety isn't just a requirement for us—it's a philosophy and is why we have Safety Services. Our guiding principle is to reshape how we, as a community, view and practice safety, both in professional settings and in our day-to-day lives.

Through diligent efforts, we actively work to minimize hazards, aiming for a future where injuries become a rarity, and where equipment and property damages are a thing of the past. Our approach is anchored in meticulous planning, ensuring that every task we undertake is well-thought-out and organized. Our teams remain ever-alert, constantly identifying and addressing potential risks, thus fostering a culture where proactive safety measures take precedence over reactive ones.

But our commitment doesn't end at our doorstep. We believe in spreading this culture of safety throughout Winnipeg and beyond. For businesses and individuals interested in integrating this holistic approach to safety into their operations, Clean Energy offers specialized, job-specific training. This ensures that our shared ethos of a secure and risk-free environment permeates every corner of our community. If you're in the Winnipeg region and safety is a priority for you, Clean Energy is here to guide, train, and collaborate. Reach out and let's work together to pave the path to a safer tomorrow. Do you have questions? Head over to our contact page to get in touch.