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Safety Services Tips

At Clean Energy Electrical Group Ltd., our commitment to safety isn’t just a statement – it’s reflected in our COR certification and our status as an ISNetworld member contractor. With this dedication in mind, we provide building owners and managers with essential safety services tips.

Embrace Certified Practices:

Always follow guidelines and best practices set forth by COR and ISNetworld. These standards are designed to ensure the highest level of safety in the electrical industry.

Continuous Training:

Safety doesn't stagnate, and neither should your training. Regularly update your team's safety training DELETED

Safety Audits:

Periodically conduct safety audits to identify potential hazards and areas for improvement. As a COR-certified organization, we can attest to the importance of these regular checks.

Utilize Advanced Equipment:

Always use the latest safety equipment that complies with industry standards. Being an ISNetworld member contractor, we have access to a network of best-in-class tools and resources.

Emergency Protocols:

Establish and regularly review emergency response protocols. Ensure every team member is familiar with these procedures.

Stay Updated on Regulations:

With affiliations like COR and ISNetworld, we're always in the loop regarding changes in safety regulations. Regularly check for updates and adapt accordingly.

Prioritize Communication:

Ensure open channels of communication regarding safety concerns. A well-informed team is a safe team.


Maintain thorough documentation of all safety procedures, training sessions, equipment checks, and incidents. This not only helps in ensuring accountability but also in streamlining future safety initiatives.

Collaborate and Learn:

Utilize the ISNetworld community to collaborate and learn from other contractors. Sharing insights and experiences can help in elevating safety standards across the board.

Feedback is Crucial:

Encourage feedback from your team regarding safety practices. Often, those on the ground have the most practical insights into potential hazards.

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With Clean Energy Electrical Group Ltd., safety is more than just a requirement – it's a core principle.

Our COR certification and ISNetworld membership underscore our commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry. For more insights or personalized safety solutions, reach out to our expert team at 204-306-2121. Together, we can create a safer and more efficient working environment.