Commercial Electrical Tips

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In a commercial environment, there’s a lot more to consider regarding electricity usage.

A business, as compared to a home, has more appliances, encounters higher voltages, and is responsible for the safety of many people. At Clean Energy Electrical Group Ltd., we are often approached by local businesses in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas for advice on maintaining electrical efficiency and safety. Our seasoned team of commercial electricians understands that when it comes to commercial electricity, safety and efficiency are crucial. Today, we're presenting our top five commercial electrical tips for business owners.

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1. The Importance of Sufficient Electrical Capacity

For businesses, especially those like restaurants, manufacturers, and large-scale offices, the demand for electricity is significant. Before setting up in a new location or expanding, it's vital to ensure that the building's electrical system can meet the day-to-day needs. Regular checks for signs such as frequent breaker trips, overheated cords, and damaged wiring are essential. If any of these issues are observed, they should be addressed immediately by a qualified electrician.


2. Employee Awareness and Training

Every employee should be well-informed about the business's electrical system. Knowledge about the main power source's location and how to disconnect it safely during emergencies is essential. It's also advisable to have all circuits in the electrical panel labeled clearly. Furthermore, it's crucial to train the staff on addressing potential electrical hazards, ensuring a safe environment for both employees and clients.


3. Energy Conservation: Beyond Standby Mode

Most modern appliances, including office equipment like printers and computers, come with a standby mode. While this might seem efficient, these devices continue to draw power even when they're not actively in use. To optimize energy consumption, businesses are encouraged to ensure that devices are fully turned off or unplugged when not required.


4. Advantages of LED Lighting

Commercial spaces, regardless of the industry, require a significant amount of lighting. Switching to LED lights presents various benefits. Not only do LEDs consume less power compared to traditional lighting solutions, but they also have a longer lifespan and offer better adaptability. Transitioning to LED lighting can result in significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.


5. The Significance of Periodic Electrical Checks

Regular electrical inspections ensure a safe and efficient business environment. While some issues, like frayed wires or flickering lights, can be easily spotted, others might require a trained eye. Periodic checks by a professional can help identify and rectify potential hazards before they escalate.